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In 2022 we need to keep our eye on the finish line and join together to fight blindness.
In 2022 we need to keep our eye on the finish line and join together to fight blindness.

Eye on the Finish Line

This blog post goes out as a message to all the CRBF families about the foundation’s new Eye on the Finish Line campaign, but everyone else keep reading because you need to hear this too.


Happy holidays everyone! It’s that time of year again when everything is crazy, stressful, and there’s no time to slow down. With this season comes the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. We will say goodbye to 2021 and wait to see what the new year will bring. The resetting of that clock provides a clean slate on which we will set goals for the new year. Everyone makes their lists of what they wish to accomplish and hope they will actually stick to it this time. Well, I have a favor to ask you this year. I’d like you to add one more thing to that list before the new year comes: Join The Fight Against Blindness.

Our Fight Against Blindness

The Curing Retinal Blindness Foundation (CRBF) has been around and working hard for over a decade. We raise money and fund research projects in hopes of finding a cure for the CRB1 gene mutation. This is a rare mutation that received little attention in the medical world before CRBF was founded. This organization is a collection of families from across the world who are affected by CRB!. We all want the same thing, to find a cure and fight against blindness. It may seem like a daunting task, but we can be capable of so much when we come together and fight as one. We can fight blindness, but our success depends on all of us working together to reach our collective and attainable goal. 

What’s Been Done

Guess what? A lot has already been done in this fight. The rest is the easy part that you get to join in on and relax for the rest of the journey. We’ve had hundreds of fundraisers and raised millions of dollars. All these years of work have gotten us far on our journey. We as a group have learned a lot in this fight and have been through even more. All of us have our own stories about our experiences as part of the blind world. If you would like to read some of my personal stories, you can look at a couple of my previous blog posts like My Mini Success Story  and All the Little Things. We know how to fight now and have all of the information to help you fight. Visit  our campaign page to learn more about our campaign and how you can help. (This information may not be published yet, but we promise to have it up soon so make sure you re-visit this link!)

What’s About To Happen

We are so close to the finish line. In fact, the foundation has just launched a new campaign to help us keep our eyes on that finish line. All of our work is finally paying off. There are only a few more obstacles before we reach our ultimate victory. In other terms, a cure is in sight. We could literally see results in the next few years. We have seen quick success overnight and are more than ready for the payoff of all of our hard work. Everything is falling into place at last. All we need is for everyone to join together and give one final push to send us over the edge.

We Need Your help

If there ever was a time to join the fight, its now. It doesn’t matter how small your contribution or how little your donations, we need all of the help we can get and as many eyes as possible on that finish line. Especially our families out there. The foundation is working to put together a Fundraising Toolkit. Email for more information. The toolkit will allow you to organize your own fundraisers in your local communities   Anything you can do will help, and I mean anything. As far as everyone else, DONATE. Go to our donation page and press that donate button. Every penny helps. We don’t even care if you literally donate $0.01, just PRESS THE BUTTON. (Just kidding. We would politely ask that you donate more than a penny. Though, hey, if that’s all you got, then we’ll take it.) The more we come together, the faster we will find a cure. 

New Chapter

New year equals new possibilities. With the ending of this year’s chapter we turn the page to a new chapter with new opportunities. If we achieve our collective resolution this year of coming together to fight blindness, we will be that many steps closer to our goal. Hopefully, we can work together to keep turning pages and eventually reach the end of our book by finding a cure. Then we will be free to start a new book, and tell a different story. 

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