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The Jones Family

Hello. We are the Joneses—Dan, Pam, Kelly, and Jill—and we live in Alexandria, Virginia. Kelly (born in 2001) was diagnosed with LCA-CRB1 through visits to the National Eye Institute at NIH and through genetic testing by the Carver Lab at the University of Iowa. Kelly really likes school, reading books, and playing with the family dog and rabbits. Kelly also enjoys playing the piano and viola and singing in the Arlington Children’s Chorus. Kelly and Jill (born in 2004) are both active in Girl Scouts. Kelly is always trying out new assistive technologies. This year she is learning how to use her new BrailleNote.

We are very encouraged by the wide range of efforts to help people with Kelly’s condition and people with other forms of retinal blindness. We believe groups of families and friends focused on particular types of LCA will be a critical part in making progress against these conditions. If you’re another CRB1 family, we look forward to working together with you on LCA-CRB1. If you are other friends or family, thank you for your interest in the Curing Retinal Blindness Foundation, and thank you for any support you can provide.

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