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New Car

Today I got a new car.

At the age of 1, I was legally deemed to never be able to get my drivers license or drive a car. Like a big ole stamp, legally blind. I was stripped of the pure excitement of getting your license and independence when you turn 16.

All at the age of one.

But today, I got my new car. I got my first white cane. My mobility device to help me navigate from point A to point B.
A tool in my toolbox that will become my eyes on the ground as my vision progressively declines over the years. Today was my first day of newfound independence. And my oh my, does adventure await! I got new car. And by golly, it’s a Lamborghini! At my first Orientation and Mobility training, I explored my new cane. I felt it, swung it around (safely), listened to it hit different objects, and of course, tasted it. It didn’t taste too good! I generally toss everything handed to me as I like both hands free and I hate holding hands but … I held on to my cane. Like it was the missing puzzle piece I was looking for. My training begins with excitement, exploration, and the habit of carrying it when I go outdoors. It will become as natural for me as putting on shoes. And I couldn’t be more excited.
Adventure awaits. All I can say is…watch out world.

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