Looking Out a Window

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Looking Out a Window

Nature is a lovely thing to behold but not everyone can see it so easily.

Peering out the window and seeing that squirrel climbing your tree or a rainbow brightening the sky should be simple, right? Not always. Sometimes our eyes figure out what we are seeing just a second too late or it is simply too dark outside to see anything at all. This is constantly happening to me and I get frustrated at my lack of ability to clearly see the world around me.

The other day my sister was driving the both of us home from a family function when she caught sight of two deer off to the side of the road. I squinted out the window trying to make out anything in the late night darkness when she excitedly asked me if I could see them. I was getting so angry at myself for not being able to make them out, but I hid the emotion. After a few more seconds of straining my eyes to try and see something I knew I couldn’t, I just gave up. Instead of admitting my shortcomings, I smiled and said I could make out the deer in the dark. She smiled and continued driving home while making light conversation. All the while I sat and nodded along trying not to show how inwardly I felt disappointed in myself for failing to see what my sister so easily could.”

This is just one of many examples when I missed out on a scene from nature. Whenever a bunny hops through our yard or a blue jay sits up on a branch in a tree, I can catch a blurry glimpse at best. Most of the time I will just pretend to search for whatever my mom or dad will point out to me through a window and lie that I could see it because it’s easier that way. Sometimes, though, I do look. Most of the time when I examine the scene I get the same result, nothing. Every once in a while, though, on the rarest occasions, I will see it. Not just a blurry glimpse, either. I will really see it. When this happens to me it makes me feel proud of myself for finally being able to see what everyone else can. It reminds me how desperately I want to be able to see the squirrel, bunny, or rainbow all the time. That one triumph urges me to wish that one day I will.

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  1. Kim Hoffman says:

    I love this blog!!

  2. Matt Dunbar says:

    This was 100% my experience with siblings and friends in grade school as well. You captured it beautifully. Thank you for sharing your story.

  3. maggy hare says:

    Thanks for sharing! It’s a very brave thing to let people that care about you into your world for a bit.

  4. Michelle Kerr says:

    Wow……..it makes my heart knowing she goes through this. Prayers the research continues and there is a cure found to help all these children find their sight again.

  5. Angela says:

    I loved reading this!

  6. Sandy Capel says:

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Tom Z. says:

    Thanks for sharing your story and keep positive because that day will come when they will find a cure.

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