January 5, 2022
In 2022 we need to keep our eye on the finish line and join together to fight blindness.

Eye on the Finish Line

This blog post goes out as a message to all the CRBF families about the foundation’s new Eye on the Finish Line campaign, but everyone else […] ... more
October 2, 2021

A Wide Spectrum

  Since I have been writing my blog, I have come to realize something. Some people have given me feedback on my blog posts and I […] ... more
August 14, 2021

My Mini Success Story

[WARNING: There is minor bragging in the following blog post.] Great news! This past month I got my score back from the AP exam I took […] ... more
May 15, 2021

My CANs and CAN’Ts of Blindness

Dance competition season ended a few weeks ago. I competed twice and it was amazing to be back on stage after the pandemic.  The one thought […] ... more
April 5, 2021

All the Little Things

Last week I stumbled over a cord. It was the end of Spanish class. I slung my bookbag over my back and started to make my […] ... more
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