A Letter to my Cane

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Cora using her walking cane to navigate outside
Cora using her walking cane to navigate outside

A Letter to my Cane

To my pretty white cane,

You have come on adventures to the park, traveled from New Jersey to Florida, to the new walls of our house, to the zoo, to the doctors office, to the beach. You have been everywhere. Everywhere that I have been. Because “you” are a part of me, and will be just as important in my life as putting on my shoes. You will give me independence and freedom.




To explore. And venture. And live a life without depending on anyone but just you and I. So here is to you, ‘pink cane’. Thank you for being there. For being the stability in my world and giving me eyes on the ground. For allowing me to be wild and free and run after my brother. You will be my eyes, as my vision declines and I perfect your skills to come. You will be my sight. And I am forever grateful for all the things you will provide.

But one thing I ask, is to be patient with me. Patient as I build our bond. Patient as I explain to others something in which they do not understand. Patient with me on days that I may test my own boundaries and think I don’t need you. I know I do, but I will learn that for myself when the time comes. So just get ready, white cane, because I’m going to take you on crazy ride and you will take me to all corners of the world. And I cannot wait to experience the adventures the two of us will go on together.

Forever yours,


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