Host an Event

Host a Fundraising Event

Families, Organizations, Schools, Businesses, etc. can all get involved in fundraising for our Curing Retinal Blindness mission! Here are some ideas… please contact us to discuss these or additional ideas!

Golf Outing

We have hosted many golf outings in the past. Try running your own, it’s a great time!

Youth Bike Event

Children love to ride their bikes together! Organize a bike ride at a local school or park!

Run/Walk 5K

5K’s have become popular, fun events!

Dance Party

Host a dance party fundraiser! Charge admission, get a great DJ, add in some other fun stuff and a great time will be had by those that attend!

Coins for Cure

It is amazing how much coins can add up… especially when large groups of people pitch in! Get your family members, co-workers, school friends, etc. to collect coins for a few months and then cash them in and send the amount to the CRBF!

Casual or Dress Down Day

Businesses, schools, etc. have held successful events where the staff/employees donate a suggested amount of money to dress in casual attire for the day!

Cocktail Party

Whether it is an intimate gathering of friends at someone’s home or a larger scale event at a restaurant, a night out with friends to support our CRBF is a wonderful event! A few families in the CRBF have hosted these parties and call them “Cocktails for the Cure”.

For more useful information or to get in touch use the links below.

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