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The Russ Family

Hello from the Russ Family; Glenn, Melissa, Teagan and Garrison! We are a blessed family with two beautiful children, Teagan and Garrison. Garrison is our sweet son who loves many activities including football, baseball, basketball, and fishing. Teagan is our beautiful young teen whose passion is riding horses. Anything and everything to do with horses makes her happy!

Teagan was diagnosed with a ‘blind’ problem when she was two weeks old. Due to Glenn’s military career, we travelled much, and she went to many different doctors. She was not diagnosed with LCA until she was 10 years old. This was a blessing in many ways, including we finally knew exactly what we were fighting, and we found fellowship with all the other families dealing with the same!

As parents, we have never held her back, never told her there wasn’t anything she couldn’t do that she set her mind to. Situations can be different, maybe harder with a blind child, but we figure things out on a day to day basis and move on. It’s a constant learning experience! She has kept us busy growing up with many activities, including girl scouts, gymnastics, swim team, judo, and much more. And of course, riding and jumping horses!

Teagan is an amazing young person, just as she is. We love her and would not change a thing. But, if there is a possibility to CURE her blindness, we cannot ignore that! We are thankful for the support of our family and friends, including our CRB1 family. We are thankful for the doctors, researchers, and scientist, who are working tirelessly for LCA, and the CRB1 gene. Thank you for helping our cause to fight blindness!

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