Cars for the Cure

Philadelphia, PA

The CRBF CARS FOR THE CURE program helps fund retinal research while conveniently assisting people in getting rid of unwanted vehicles. This is a great alternative to the hassle of selling or repairing vehicles. Aspite Auto and Salvage Auction accepts all vehicles, whether they are running or not!

How It Works

Call 215.850.5481 to schedule your vehicle donation. (We accept cars or trucks, running or not!) Aspite will come to your location to tow your vehicle (with title and keys) FREE of charge.

Aspite auctions the vehicle and donates the proceeds to the Curing Retinal Blindness Foundation.

YOU get the tax deduction! (No matter the value you get a minimum $500 deduction. If the vehicle sells for more you can write off the full amount!).

For more useful information or to get in touch use the links below.

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