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WELCOME to the Curing Retinal Blindness Foundation.

Whether you have just received the diagnosis of retinal disease or you have been walking this path for years… whether you are in complete devastation about blindness or are living with complete acceptance of blindness… whether you are a parent of a child with retinal disease or a caregiver of an adult that has retinal disease… we hope we can be a source of information, support, and most of all…. Hope. Our CRBF families and professionals are working every day to bring you the latest resources in living with blindness as well as move the research forward to bring retinal disease to treatments and cures.

Our fundraising currently supports research for mutations in the CRB1 gene of retinal disease, however all of the research work we are supporting will ultimately benefit all retinal diseases.

Since our group is mostly made up of parents whose children are blind or visually impaired due to CRB1 retinal disease, most of our information focuses on education and other topics relating to children and young adults. Lots of the information and resources, though, can be of benefit to blind/VI adults and their families.

Please visit the pages of this website and get in touch with us if you need further information.

Most of all, know that our group is here is help you navigate through the first steps of the diagnosis, the education process, and ultimately, the paths to cures. Please let us know how we can help you through it all.


IN ADDITION to the resources above, we are proud to host the retinal blindness community discussion on the Inspire platform!  Check it out here.

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