April 5, 2021

All the Little Things

Last week I stumbled over a cord. It was the end of Spanish class. I slung my bookbag over my back and started to make my […] ... more
March 14, 2021

Suffering in Silence

I don’t like to talk much. By this, I mean that I almost never speak outside of my own house.  Since speaking at all is such […] ... more
March 4, 2021

Driving Blind

It’s official. I turned fifteen and a half years old this week. You know what that means. I am now old enough to get my driver’s […] ... more
February 14, 2021

Anxiety and Blindness: Not a Good Combo

When you have low vision it isn’t always about just not being able to see things. Sometimes the struggle is in admitting when you can’t see […] ... more
October 28, 2020

Looking Out a Window

Nature is a lovely thing to behold but not everyone can see it so easily. Peering out the window and seeing that squirrel climbing your tree […] ... more
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