The Gonzalez Family

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gonzalezWe are the Gonzalez Family from Monterrey, Mexico, a city on the north part of the country pretty near from the US border with Texas.

My name is Jose and my wife´s name is Orietta. We have 3 children, 2 girls and a little boy. The girls Orietta (6) and Renatta (4) were born with no problem at all, so we did not know anything about this condition, it was when Jose Jr, was born that we feel that something was not right with his eyes, but none of the doctors here in Monterrey that we visited told us about LCA. It was because of our pediatrician that we locate a Doctor in Houston, Texas and we travel there in order to find out that our boy has LCA. Since then, all has been pretty hard for us, but we are fighting thru this, we took the next step and did the genetic tests, and here we are, with the blessing to find this group, and with the hope that sooner or later we can find a cure to all the kids in this group”.

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