The Fergusun Family

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Fergusun-Family-300x200We are from Indiana. There our 4 people in our family there is Dad-Charlie, Ginger-Mom, Katelyn-10 years old with LCA, and Macie-almost 6 years old. We are a close family and do everything together. The girls keep us busy with their many activities. Katelyn is very active and is not afraid to try anything. She is involved with gymnastics, Girl Scouts, Wrestling, and Miracle League baseball. She just got back from her first week long Church Camp, she did great Mom and Dad were worried the whole time.

We just recently found out through genetic testing that her gene that is defective is CRB1 gene, so after researching I found this website and we want to join and help find a cure for CRB1 and allow Katelyn and other children the chance to experience things they never have before.

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