The Billingsley Family

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As a family of six life is wild! Wild fun, wild chaotic, wild wonderful. When we first met we had no clue that we would have all of this! Luke, Nate, Jake and Ella have forever changed us! They are the reason for all that we do. Each is blessed with extraordinary talents. Luke is our “thinker”; always questioning “Why?” Yes always. Nate, our comedian, who sometimes doubles as our trouble maker. Jake, our sweetheart, who really knows how to play that cute card, and Ella the strong willed and toughest and not only because she has three older brothers. All different, all unique, all perfect in their own special way!
Jake was diagnosed with LCA CRB1 at the age of two. He is legally blind, has poor peripheral and depth perception and is night blind. He is AMAZING! He positively confronts these challenges with an eager will to learn and explore just like his peers. His determination and ability are humbling. He enjoys each day as any typical five year old does. He is trouble, he is hilarious, and most of all he is undeniably lovable.
When Jake was 15 months old we noticed that his eyes were shaking. We later learned it was a condition called Nystagmus. This began our journey of a never explored world. After countless examinations, several tests, and a few different doctors, we were told of Jake’s condition in January 2012. Jake has received excellent care from The University of Iowa. There we met Dr. Arlene Drack MD.  Her medical expertise, innovative approach and always hopeful disposition continues to guide us. We are so fortunate to live just a few hours away to have the ability to provide Jake with such excellent care.
We believe that our days on earth are a gift- and to use them wisely. We can sit by and watch as others do something great, or we can stand up and be a part of it. For us, greatness lies within the Curing Retinal Blindness Foundation. We believe that together, our perseverance and relentless commitment will achieve a cure. We are dedicated members of The Board of Directors. It is our mission. By supporting the CRBF, you are not just funding awareness, YOU ARE FUNDING A CURE! Hope has become a reality! As parents, there is nothing that we wouldn’t do to give our children the world. Please help them to be able to see how very beautiful it is!

Greg and Lisa Billingsley

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