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A Real-Life Artificial Intelligence Breakthrough Has Arrived!

What comes to mind when you think Artificial Intelligence? Robocop? The Terminator? Wall-E?

Those are all good guesses, but the A.I. that I am referring to is way cooler. AND IT’S REAL!


What is it?

The product: The OrCam ‘MyEye’. A state-of-the-art artificial vision device that is wearable like regular glasses!


The research:   Curing Retinal Blindness Foundation will assist in trials where children with retinal blindness (of all ages) will test the product to see how it can be most beneficial.

The goal: Take something unbelievable and turn it into something practical. It will give more options to blind people who prefer to read without using braille. If you told people in the 1950’s about Facebook they would have thought you were insane. But, with the proper technology, funding, and team members, anything is possible.


Who’s involved?

Who are the masterminds behind this revolutionary technology? The team here at the Curing Retinal Blindness Foundation is teaming up with innovative tech company OrCam to provide an exciting tool for blind and visually impaired people to access the visual world.


Our CRB1 Fund launched in 2011 with the goal to fund research of CRB1 gene families and all retinal degenerative disease cases, with intentions of finding a cure. We are parents of affected children who are doing whatever it takes to help children with this disease.


Our partner, Orcam, was founded in 2010 with a mission to harness the power of artificial vision to assist people who need a visual aid.



Coming very soon. Stay Tuned.


What’s this mean?

Daredevil, (Marvel Comics character and Netflix series star,) will not be the only blind super-hero patrolling the streets shortly.


In conclusion, breakthrough innovations such as these are not easy, but they are definitely possible. We have made tremendous strides over the last five years, and we don’t plan on stopping any time soon. Together we can cure CRB1 degenerative retinal disease. If you want to be at the forefront of our monumental movement, please visit today.

For information on canes, guide dogs, enlarging devices, and other tools and for the visually impaired you can visit our online Resources page by clicking here.


Donations are accepted at, and if you have any questions you can email